Zak Yates

Crime & Thriller writer

From a professional dancer/choreographer to a self-published author.

I was a professional dancer for almost 18 years travelling around the world, a dance teacher with my own studios, and a choreographer for various stage plays and television shows, until one day it was time for a change. 

Whilst studying an Access course for higher education, the lockdown of 2020 happened and, because I wanted to continue sitting at my desk to get myself prepared for potential uni life, I decided to start writing. I would wake up with the sun rise and join the 5am writers club, sitting there with my pot of coffee to get myself going. Before i knew it I would have written 3000-5000 words before 8am. With the help from my husband Alex, who was also in the middle of writing his first book too, all the edits and re-writes were complete and I published The Factory within 3 months of starting it. 2020 really threw its challenges at a lot of people, including myself, with job changes, money worries, plus many more, but I kept on going and ploughed myself into starting another book. This time though I wanted to write a full length novel to say that I had done it.

Here I am now, a self published author with three books out. The Blayze Carlson series; CRUISE #1, SNATCHED #2, and THE FACTORY, a novella and side story to the series. I am currently in the middle of writing the third book in the Blayze Carlson series which i am hoping to get out by the end of this year. 

I really enjoying writing and it has helped me refocus my creativity into a new passion. I would encourage anyone to take it up and make that first step, you just never know where and what it may lead to..