Zak Yates

Crime & Thriller writer

CRUISE - A Blayze Carlson Novel

FBI special agent Blayze Carlson’s vacation suddenly becomes a murder investigation when tragedy strikes his Caribbean cruise. Trapped on board with a hurricane looming, can he find the killer before more bodies fall?

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Now dead, Peter will have to follow everyone he knows to solve the mystery of his own murder. What he discovers on the way in not what he had expected.

"Author Zak Yates plunges readers into a violent, fast-paced murder mystery in The Factory. This book wastes no time in establishing its premise: a newly dead Peter becomes an afterlife investigator of his own murder, and discovers that being a ghost does have certain advantages. As more bodies begin to fall, Peter discovers that the mystery of his death is far larger and closer to home that he would have ever imagined. Leaping from one intense scene to the next, this manic story is undeniably dark – boldly touching on issues of abuse, dishonesty, and repressed aggression. Delivering a raw story packed with unapologetic drama, there is a jagged authenticity to the writing that makes this short novella a compelling read."
          Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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